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I was born and raised in Orange County. Eight years ago, my husband and I decided Aliso Viejo was the best place to put down roots and raise our family. We were attracted by the great schools, proximity to the coast, and beautiful open spaces as well as our city’s reputation as a safe and healthy community.


Having grown up with parents who left India to pursue education and a better life for their own children, I’m proud of my immigrant roots. We were taught the value of hard work and the value of building positive relationships and supporting others. I’ve taken those lessons to heart and spent my entire career working in the nonprofit sector and volunteering my time to make a difference.


As the mother of a young son with special needs, I have used my tenacity and skills as an advocate to ensure he has what he needs to grow and thrive. Communities need advocates too. My creative, strategic, and diplomatic skills will be my greatest assets as a member of the Aliso Viejo City Council. I’m a focused problem solver who values relationships and knows how to work productively with others to get things done. 


For the past fifteen years, I’ve had the privilege of working as Director of Communications and Marketing for a premier Orange County nonprofit organization that empowers children from disadvantaged communities to succeed in school and life by providing long-term arts immersion, academic support, and emotional wellness services. My own educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Emerson College and an Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) through the Public Relations Society of America. My early work at NPR (National Public Radio) reinforced the importance of respecting all points of view. Whether through my work, my involvement in my former homeowner’s association, my son’s schools, or other civic and community groups, I always try to focus on the priorities that most positively impact the lives of those we’re serving. 


Truly caring for our community and being of service to others have been the inspiration for just about everything I’ve done in my life. The opportunity to serve on the Aliso Viejo City Council would allow me to do that on behalf of our community. Thank you for your interest — I welcome your input, involvement, and investment in my campaign.

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